API Documentation

Welcome to the Specific GraphQL API reference! This document provides a comprehensive overview of the GraphQL types, queries, mutations, and their parameters that are available through our platform.

Specific's public API is built using GraphQL. We use GraphQL internally for developing our applications.

If you're unfamiliar with GraphQL, we recommend you to read GraphQL Introduction first.



The GraphQL API for Specific is available at:
This endpoint supports introspection , allowing you to query the entire schema.



Currently, we support personal API keys for authentication. You can generate these keys within the Specific workspace by navigating to Preferences → API .

Run API from terminal


Simple POST request using CURL.


Getting Started


We do not offer our own library for making queries (read) or mutations (write) to the API. There are many libraries available that support GraphQL requests. You can choose your programming language and select client libraries from the official GraphQL website .

Query example


This query example using isomorphic library graphql-request to list all created companies. Inspect this query in interactive console .


Mutation example


Mutation allows you to write content to the app via the API. In this example, we demonstrate how to add new feedback. You can experiment with this example in the interactive console .




If you run into problems or have questions or suggestions, you can join our Slack or send us a note .